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Ukhrul Pin Code List | Ukhrul Pincode Manipur

There are total 59 of post offices in Ukhrul Manipur. We have list all the pin codes of Ukhrul Manipur along with post office name, location taluk, contact phone number, postal department information and other post offices with same pin code. One important things is that if postal area is too large so it may has different branches with same pin code and we have listed postal office address with Sub office, branch office and head office for easily differenciate.

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Found 59 Other Offices in Ukhrul Manipur

Post Office Type District State Pincode
Ashi B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795145
Chadong B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795145
Chamu B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795142
Chassad B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795145
Chingai P B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795142
Chingjaroiedbo B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795142
Chither P B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795142
Grihang B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795145
Huime B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795144
Huining B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795142
Hundung B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795142
Jessami Edno B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795142
Kachal B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795144
Kagai B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795142
Khamasom B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795142
Kharasom B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795142
Khayang B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795142
Khongdei Simphung B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795144
Kongpat Khunou B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795145
L Tangkhul B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795145
Lambui B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795145
Lamlang Gate B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795142
Leisan B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795142
Leiting B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795145
Litan S.O Ukhrul Manipur 795145
Lungphu B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795145
Maku B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795145
Maokot B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795145
Mapum B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795142
Ngairou B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795142
Ngari Khullen B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795144
Nungbi Khunou B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795142
Nungshang B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795142
Paorei B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795142
Paoyii B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795142
Phadang B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795144
Phungcham B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795142
Phungyar B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795145
Poii B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795142
Pushing B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795142
Rajai Khunou B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795142
Sanakeithel B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795145
Semol B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795145
Shongshak B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795145
Sirarakhong B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795142
Siroi B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795142
Siyamongjam B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795145
Somdal S.O Ukhrul Manipur 795144
Sorang Phung B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795142
Sorde B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795145
T.C. Ground B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795142
Thawai B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795145
Thiwa B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795144
Tolloi B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795142
Tuinem B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795142
Tungou B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795142
Tushem B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795142
Ukhrul S.O Ukhrul Manipur 795142
Yangangpokpi B.O Ukhrul Manipur 795145

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India has 29 states with in any event 720 areas including roughly 6 lakh towns, and more than 8200 urban communities and towns. Indian postal office has designated a remarkable postal code of pin code to each locale/town/town/city to guarantee fast conveyance of postal administrations.

A Postal Index Number or PIN or PIN code is a code in the mail center numbering or post code framework utilized by India Post, the Indian postal organization. The code is six digits in length. You can discover the pin code of Ukhrul area in Manipur here.

The initial three digits of the PIN address a particular topographical locale called an arranging region that is settled at the primary mail center of the biggest city and is known as the arranging office. A state may have at least one arranging areas relying upon the volumes of mail took care of. The fourth digit addresses the course on which a conveyance office is situated in the arranging locale. The last two digits address the conveyance office inside the arranging region beginning from 01 which would be the GPO or HO

In Ukhrul, There are numerous postal workplaces which can be utilized by the average folks for benefiting the administrations be it for mailing letters, moving cash through cash request, sending media post, speed post, welcoming post, direct post, e-charge post, etc.

The India Post gives an ordinary type of mail conveyance framework the nation over. Aside from this it additionally utilizes Pigeons in Odisha to send sends. In Rajasthan, Camels are utilized as a postal assistance to convey the letters and in Siachen, Dogs are utilized prevalently for conveying sends. The nation has the biggest organization of postal administrations across the globe with more than 1,55,000 mailing stations, around 5,62,000 letterboxes and covers generally around 6,04,341 urban communities and towns spread across length and broadness of India.

The Postal System in India exchanges under the name India Post and goes under the control of Government of India.

The postal framework in India is known as the Post Office.

The Department of Posts falls under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of the Government of India.

The postal circle in India are going by the Chief Postmaster General and the country is separated into 22 postal circles. Each circle is additionally broken into locales which goes under the control of a Postmaster General and the districts are additionally isolated into divisions and again into developments also.

The postal administrations in India are referred to for offering quickest help as it has network to even the remotest of the spots the nation over and offers individuals a chance to send sends at an extremely negligible cost. The motivation behind the mailing station in India has arisen as an association which conveys sends as well as a little monetary organization which assists individuals with setting aside their cash through different plans it offers.

Disclaimer: We did our best to show you accurate result of Ukhrul PIN code but its has some limitation and its may be incorrect in some conditions. This data is source from India Post and for any issue kindly let us know at admin@code-pin.com

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